Expectations VS Reality

I’m happy to announce that Cheryl Hill won a signed copy of The Sweetest Hallelujah on the last blog post. Congratulations, Cheryl! Please contact me via the contact page on this website and give me your mailing address. Alternatively, you can give me the address of a good friend and I will mail the signedContinue Reading

FREE Books, Pub Date and Secrets

It’s always exciting when a pub date for new book approaches! On July 29th, The Oleander Sisters will be available in bookstores everywhere! You can get it as trade paperback, ebook or audio book. Early reviews of this book are great, which is a HUGE relief to me. Here’s a secret. It was difficult toContinue Reading


In the hilarious movie WONDER BOYS, Michael Douglas plays a professor/writer who can only write if he’s wearing a chenille robe and a winter hat. As I sat in the movie theater with my box of buttered popcorn and laughed at his character struggling with writer’s block and weird rituals, I knew it wasn’t farContinue Reading

Cover Reveal!

I’m absolutely thrilled to give you a first look at the cover for my upcoming book, The Oleander Sisters, written as Elaine Hussey! Kudos to the art department at MIRA for so perfectly capturing the feel of being smack in the middle of a sultry Southern summer. The story is set in 1969, the summerContinue Reading


  Phantom of Riverside Park went on sale March 17. I’m thrilled with your response to this sprawling women’s fiction/romance written under my Peggy Webb identity. It’s great to see that readers still love a clean story filled with heart! If you don’t have your copy, you can get it now for the introductory priceContinue Reading


Last week I attended an Oscar party, complete with red carpet, right here in my hometown of Tupelo, MS. My zany cousin Martha Jo went with me.  Think Callie and Lovie from my Southern Cousins Mysteries.  Here we are getting out of the white stretch limo and high stepping it onto the red carpet. Fun! Continue Reading


Hello, again! I’m finally back in the groove and excited about the changes I’m making to this blog. As most of you know, I write as both Peggy Webb and Elaine Hussey. This year I’ll be using the blog to give you updates on both of us. (giggle)  I will also invite guest authors IContinue Reading

Holiday Greetings

A Year in the Life of a Southern Writer, Week 2

Monday: I’m determined to become a new woman and start going to the fitness center today. But first I have to put on a load of laundry and then jump into my not-Elaine writing persona and finish editing one of the Peggy Webb classics that will be in a boxed set for .99. I getContinue Reading

A Year in the Life of a Southern Writer: Week One

For the next year I’m going to post a tell-all, behind-the-scenes look that debunks the mystery and glamour and reveals the real writer. I’m changing the post day from Friday to Monday, and I will be doing giveaways throughout the year. I hope you will come along for the ride!  Currently, you can go toContinue Reading