The Oleander Sisters - Front cover

“Elaine Hussey has written an 
absolutely brilliant novel,
lyrical and powerful,
heartbreaking and hopeful.”

“Elaine Hussey has added her
distinctive creative voice to the
list of literary greats hailing from
the South.”

“The day Neil Armstrong walked on the moon marked a summer where anything at all could happen.”

The Oleander Sisters  

“Maybe the Gulf was blowing all of them sideways, and had been for so long Sis didn’t know what normal was anymore.”

The Oleander Sisters   

“The scent of sun-ripened peaches coming from the Amen cobbler was so sweet, if you squinted you could see bees buzzing around the crust.  Sweet Mama couldn’t recall what that was a sign of, by she knew it was a harbinger of something that made her bones feel heavy.”

The Oleander Sisters   

Desk with javaFrom the desk of Elaine Hussey

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