The Fearless Writer

When I’m not writing, I’m often reading. Currently I’m enjoying A Wide and Starry Sky, a fictionalized account of Robert Louis Stevenson (Treasure Island) and his American wife. Somewhere in this book I discovered that RL Stevenson was called fearless because of his penchant for writing not only novels, but poetry, fiction and nonfiction articles and even song lyrics. I wanted to stand up and shout, YES! I can imagine he felt the same sort of hemmed-in panic I get at the very idea of having to do only one kind of writing.

Like Stevenson, I’ve spent the last thirty years writing such a broad range of fiction it’s impossible to pen me down. Do I write comedy? Yes, indeed. I cut my teeth on romantic comedies. Mystery? You bet. I get to flex my comedic muscles in the Southern Cousins Mystery series. Straight romance/women’s fiction? Yes, again. All you have to do is scroll through my list of more then 70 books to find straight romantic fare such as Where Dolphins Go and Her Secret Hero. Romantic suspense?  Witch Dance and From a Distance. Song lyrics? You’ll find some of them in The Sweetest Halllelujah, an Elaine Hussey novel.

That leads me to my first love, literary fiction.  The Sweetest Hallelujah and The Oleander Sisters as Elaine Hussey. The Tender Mercy of Roses as Anna Michaels. The Language of Silence as Peggy Webb. All of them recent books. All of them the very best work I’ve done. Ever!

And yet, writing literary fiction is so very intense, not at all the kind of story I can whip out in a few weeks. In fact, it took me more then ten years to write The Sweetest Hallelujah!  And so I balance the intense times by penning more light-hearted fare and editing/revising my early romantic classics so you can enjoy them in digital format.

Currently, I’m bringing you a set of 8 lively romantic comedies set in the fictional town of Sunday Cove on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It has been fun to create a romantic legend and a whole set of eccentric secondary characters who will thread through all 8 of these classic romantic comedies.  Get Naughty and Nice (Sunday Cove) now, and prepare for some great belly laughs. You can also preorder the second two Sunday Cove stories, Birds of a Feather and Disturbing the Peace. 

Naughty & Nice

 Birds of a feather









Thank you for visiting with me on the blog. It’s such a pleasure to have loyal readers who keep coming back!

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Happy Holidays!

Elaine & Peggy


6 Responses to The Fearless Writer

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  2. Joye says:

    I am always looking for new authors to read. You write the kinds of books I enjoy reading.
    This one sounds like a great read.

    • Elaine Hussey says:

      Thank you, Joye. I hope you enjoy my books. Readers and reviewers call my literary fiction “magical” and “page turners,” while my romances and mysteries have earned me the title, Queen of Comedy. I adore writing in so many different styles and genres! I’m happy to be in the company of RLS as a “fearless” writer.

  3. Pat Rizzio says:

    I enjoy all your different kinds of writings. Glad you are not limited to just one range. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and keep writing!!

  4. Elaine Hussey says:

    I hope all my fans have a blessed and happy holiday season!

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