Blluebird Flying Backward

I’m hard at work on my latest literary fiction novel, Bluebird Flying Backward. It’s the story of two sisters whose bond is so strong it endures through an unspeakable tragedy. The novel is set in the Jazz Age and beyond, an era of great clothes, great music and great strides in aviation.

As my novels often do, this one grew from my own research into the history of aviation. That naturally led me to We, Charles Lindbergh’s own account of his historic solo flight across the Atlantic. A dozen biographies later, I had found a stunning connection between the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby and the disappearances of co-eds at Smith College.

My muse kicked in and I was off and running. Oh, I do so love this book! It has all the elements I adore bringing to the page – family dynamics, colorful history, drama, tragedy and triumph.

Fact and fiction are interwoven in Bluebird Flying Backward. My characters interact with some of the giants of history – Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh, J. Edgar Hoover, and a whole host of celebrities you’ll recognize.

But the heart of the story is very personal – the love between sisters. My hope is that you will come to love them as I do, that at the end of the novel you will feel as you’ve sat on their front porch in Atlanta listening to them talk about their hopes and dreams.

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