Praise for the author continued

desk border“A magical story…lyrical and powerful.

NY Times bestselling author,


“Lovely, flowing prose…a nuanced character study.”


“Wonderful style of storytelling…an unforgettable book.”

Fresh Fiction

“Strong, memorable characters…a novel that is simultaneously gritty and lyrical, mystical and grounded.”

Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

“A story so moving and lyrically written it sometimes seems like a dream.”
                                               Delta Magazine
“Hard to put down.”
                                                Romantic Times Magazine
“(Rodeo) has an electricity that Michaels captured perfectly…Characters jump out 
and drag you in…Pony is especially brilliant.”
                                                Eve’s Fan Garden
“Webb has penned a memorable story, not to be missed.”
“Peggy Webb is a comic genius….a modern Mark Twain.”
                                                  NYTimes bestselling author 
                                                  Charlotte Hughes
“Clever and wickedly witty.”
                                                   Tom Wilson, creator of  Ziggy
“Peggy Webb and laughter so together like grits and gravy.”
                                     NYTimes bestselling author Vicki Lewis Thompson
“Peggy Webb has penned a superb tale…you don’t want to miss.”
                                                   I’ll Take Romance
“Webb captures charm and grace…sure to delight.”
                                                The Times Record News
“Webb writes with Southern flair.


July 30, 2013

“If God heard her, maybe He’d send a sign…Billie looked up through the limbs of the oak tree, waiting.”

  The Sweetest Hallelujah


“Loving somebody was the most dangerous thing Cassie knew.”

               Cassie, The Sweetest Hallelujah

  “Change has to start somewhere. What if it could start with four women?” 

Cassie, The Sweetest Hallelujah