Phantom of Riverside Park, Cover (1)

Phantom of Riverside Park went on sale March 17. I’m thrilled with your response to this sprawling women’s fiction/romance written under my Peggy Webb identity. It’s great to see that readers still love a clean story filled with heart! If you don’t have your copy, you can get it now for the introductory price of .99. This price will be good through April 15, and after that, it will 5.99. I’m terrible at math…well, cooking, too…but I think that’s about an 85% saving.

If you enjoy the book, do post a review and tell all your friends. You can read an excerpt on my other website,

Enough book talk. I’m so happy that Spring is here. In Mississippi that means daffodils and forsythia, red bud and Bradford pear trees. I have a surprise for you! My talented friend and webmaster, Roy Turner, came out to my house with his camera to film a guided tour of my Spring garden. Watch for it! I talk about gardens and books and growing up with a mama who passed her love of flowers on to me. The film will be on both my websites very soon.

Now, I’m off now for a cup of tea. It’s Sunday afternoon, and I’m relaxing after a busy morning of singing in my church choir. (Oh, I LOVE that!) It’s chilly today, so I have a little fire going with my gas logs and the TV turned to a movie, The Thin Red Line. Great actors, but I’m having a hard time getting into it. Not in the mood for war, I guess.

Tell me which characters and which scenes you like best in Phantom of Riverside Park. Also, if you’ve seen any great movies, lately, let me know. I’m a movie hound.

Till next Monday, take care!

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