A Year in the Life of a Southern Writer, Week 2

Monday: I’m determined to become a new woman and start going to the fitness center today. But first I have to put on a load of laundry and then jump into my not-Elaine writing persona and finish editing one of the Peggy Webb classics that will be in a boxed set for .99. I get so caught up in writing that I don’t remember lunch until 1:30. Fortunately, I have some chicken salad my good friend Jason at Café 212 makes for me, so I slice a few tomatoes, dish out a scoop, spread some spinach leaves around the plate, and I’m good to go. I think about going to work out, but I don’t think you’re supposed to do it on a full stomach – something about not exercising while your body is trying to digest food. Anyhow, that’s a great reason not to go, so I head back to the computer. The next thing I know it’s evening, and I’m too tired for the gym and don’t want to get out tonight, besides.

Tuesday: I do a fabulous blog post for Fresh Fiction and give away a signed copy of The Sweetest Hallelujah. I’m delighted to see lots of comments on the post. LOVE getting feedback from readers. Then it’s off to repeat yesterday’s events, including postponing the gym. At this rate, I’m going to get as big as my desk chair.

Wednesday: I’ve finished the edit for the boxed set and move on to start a rewrite of another Peggy Webb classic for a cute, sassy little series. I also start making notes on the Elaine Hussey book I’ll be writing this winter. The third. I’m way ahead of my fans, who are still sending me wonderful emails about The Sweetest Hallelujah – and wondering when the next book will be out, and whether it will be a sequel. They ask what will happen to Billie? To Miss Queen? To Cassie? I don’t know. These characters are living only in the book now, and I don’t know if they’ll start talking to me again – or even if I could write a sequel to a book I love as much as I do this one. By the way, the next literary fiction novel will be out next summer at the end of July. It’s finished, I love it, and I can’t wait for you to read it! I’ll keep you abreast right here on the blog and all over this website.

Same day: I briefly consider gym, but I have choir practice tonight, which I LOVE, and I don’t want to be too tired to sing. I’m a first soprano, and it takes LOTS of energy to hit those high notes, especially for an asthmatic.

Thursday: Work is piling up. Too many irons in the fire. I am overwhelmed and wish I could clone myself. I must be crazy to think I can find time to run around a gym track. I don’t even have time to clean my house! In this mess, I’d never find my gym shoes. Next year, I am NOT going to write a resolution to GET PHYSICALLY FIT! I’m eating chocolate. And lots of it. Because I deserve it. THAT kind of day.


Blog1Friday: I run away. CelebrationVillage is in town for one weekend only, and I race out to discover Santa’s workshop and so many wonderful goodies I go crazy buying gifts for my younger sister’s little grandchildren. I find a fairy house for Madison! It’s so cute, I get one for myself. Why not? I think fairies bring good luck.

blog 3

Saturday: Oh, joy. My friend Lana is giving a baby shower for her daughter. I attended Apryl’s Mohawk wedding last fall, and it was spectacular. The shower is more of the same. Lana’s table groans with food. She says, “In the Mohawk way, if you come to my house and I don’t offer you food, I’m saying you are not welcome.” I am so welcome at her house that if I eat everything she offers, I’ll have to be carried out in a barrel. We exclaim over every gift and then laugh ourselves silly playing games. What a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I drive home and collapse into my comfy chair with a cup of hot chocolate. There’s finally a nip of fall in the air.

Sunday: I get to sing in choir this morning, and as an added bonus I get to hear a baritone solo by my sweet young friend, Kenneth G., a new father of twin girls! He and his wife will never have to worry about baby sitters. There are at least twenty women in choir who would jump at the chance!

Same day: It’s beginning to rain now, a slow sprinkle on a lovely, quiet Sunday afternoon that calls for more hot chocolate. I’m going to curl up with a cup and good book. Grab a cup and join me!

See you next week!

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