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Your emails and comments about The Sweetest Hallelujah have been amazing! Everybody wants to see it made into a move – and so do I! Who would you like to see in the role of Queen? Hands down, she is the favorite character among fans. I picture Oprah Winfrey in the role. She would bringContinue Reading


Thanks for being so patient with me!  I’ve been playing catch-up since the fabulous book tour for The Sweetest Hallelujah.  You can see some of the pictures on the Gallery pages, and more are coming. Also, you can go to the media page and click to hear some of my TV and radio interviews. Here’sContinue Reading

Notes from the Book Tour

  Thank you for making my tour of The Sweetest Hallelujah a success! In two weeks, I drove 1,700 miles, signed at 8 bookstores, did 3 TV interviews and 2 radio interviews. It was exhilarating, exhausting, and fun. I had my cousin Shirley on the first leg of the tour, and my childhood friend JaneContinue Reading


The first leg of my book tour was awesome, and I’m not done yet! I’ll be going through central Mississippi this weekend, and look forward to seeing you in Oxford at Square Book and in Jackson at Lemuria. It’s wonderful to meet fans across the country. Take a look at some of the pictures. WhatContinue Reading


Last night I had a fabulous launch party at the great indie bookstore, Reeds Gumtree in downtown Tupelo. Take a look at the pictures! I look forward to another great party at Barnes & Noble in the Tupelo Mall this Saturday from 2-4. I’ll be serving up barbecue and sweet tea. If you’re in theContinue Reading


The Sweetest Hallelujah will be in bookstores everywhere next Tuesday (July 30). I’ll be launching with two big parties in my hometown (Tupelo, MS), serving up free barbecue and sweet tea as long as it lasts! We’re working on having a little blues music, too. Starting August 3rd, I’m traveling thoughout the Deep South toContinue Reading

King of the Cowboys

This afternoon as I watched an old Western called The Bells of San Angelo, I realized why I have given Billie an obsession with a daddy who looks like Roy Rogers. My own daddy looked so much like the King of Cowboys, especially in profile, they might have been mistaken for twins. They both hadContinue Reading

Remembering Susan, Part Two

For the next three weeks I will be sharing my journey through Italy with Susan Loda, who was the inspiration for Betty Jewel in The Sweetest Hallelujah. Susan left this earth far too soon, but for a little while, I was privileged to be part of her life. Her spirit was so beautiful she appearedContinue Reading

Remembering Susan

  Her name was Susan Loda.  Her laughter was like bells, and when you looked at her, you not only saw her wide smile and boyish cap of gray hair, but you saw how she was inside, too, filled with light and a beautiful spirit that took your breath away. I met her in 1996Continue Reading

Balancing Act

If anybody knows how to strike the right balance between work and play, let me know. Since I write under three names, I find myself drowning in deadlines and social media with very little time left over to catch my breath, let alone play. My baby grand piano just sits there untouched, my gardens areContinue Reading