Notes from the Road

I’m in New Hampshire (a very long day of plane travel from Mississippi), enjoying my role of grandmother to two of my four grands. Still, I can never get too far away to share all things bookish! First, thanks for putting Risky Brides, a multi-author, multi-genre collection, on many of the best seller lists. YouContinue Reading


So often when I’m interviewed, I’m asked if my stories are based on real people or incidents. The answer is: sometimes. Do you remember Andy in The Oleander Sisters? That endearing little five-year-old boy who was building a rocket ship to the moon in the backyard at Sweet Mama’s Café? The little red rocket shipContinue Reading

Music as Muse

First, the winners from last Monday’s blog: EVERYBODY who left a comment (see the names below)! I’m in a mellow mood, probably because it’s Sunday, I got to sing in the choir, and afterward I drove home in beautiful weather to the sounds of Mozart. Music brings out the best in me. Music has evenContinue Reading


I’ve just completed back to back book tours for The Oleander Sisters, written as Elaine Hussey, and The Language of Silence, written as Peggy Webb. It was great to see so many of you. I hope I was smiling. Chatting with a reader about one of my novels is always amazing and gives me plentyContinue Reading

Putting Magic into The Language of Silence

“You wouldn’t think a book about spousal abuse could be magical, but the prolific Webb achieves just that in this page turner.” Publisher’s Weekly When I saw that review, I knew I had accomplished what I set out to do with this novel. Spousal abuse is a hard subject to write about without making theContinue Reading

The Story Behind the Amen Cobbler

If you’ve already read The Oleander Sisters, you know the Amen cobbler is famous in Sweet Mama’s Café. You know the recipe was developed by Sweet Mama and Beulah then left on the menu for fifty years until both Sweet Mama and her culinary miracle retired. You know how the scent can make you dreamContinue Reading

Mama Lives Forever in my Books

When Mama was alive, my two sisters and I called her “a character.” And she was. Fesity, opinionated, intelligent, independent, funny, sometimes maddening.  She made the best peach cobbler in Lee County. Her chicken with dressing was unsurpassed and appeared on the table every Thanksgiving and Christmas. She read everything she could get her handsContinue Reading

The Blessing of Fellow Writers, Giveaway, and The Oleander Sisters

Good Monday morning! Last Friday I did a guest post for thriller writer, Debra Webb’s Weekly Briefing. I chatted about my new book, The Oleander Sisters, and how Deb and one of my other dear friends, Vicki Hinze, brainstormed with me after I wrote myself into a corner and got stuck with my Oleander characters.Continue Reading

Book Party, More Giveaways and the Littlest Fans

I love book parties. There is always some wonderful surprise, whether it’s seeing a longtime fan, meeting a new one or simply getting great feedback from someone who has already read the book. Saturday at Barnes and Noble in Tupelo, the surprise came in small packages!  The adorable Dunbar children showed up, with their mom,Continue Reading


It’s always exciting to see a new book published. On Tuesday, I’ll launch The Oleander Sisters at Reeds Gum Tree Bookstore in downtown Tupelo, Mississippi. The following Saturday, I’ll be at Barnes and Noble in the Barnes Crossing Mall in Tupelo for another wonderful book event. Northeast MS Daily Journal reviewer, Leslie Criss, calls thisContinue Reading