The Blessing of Fellow Writers, Giveaway, and The Oleander Sisters

Good Monday morning! Last Friday I did a guest post for thriller writer, Debra Webb’s Weekly Briefing. I chatted about my new book, The Oleander Sisters, and how Deb and one of my other dear friends, Vicki Hinze, brainstormed with me after I wrote myself into a corner and got stuck with my Oleander characters.

“Kill somebody,” Deb said, and Vicki concurred. Easy for them. They’ve been killing characters for a very long time. Not so easy for a soft-hearted writer who had much rather take a reader’s breath away with lyrical prose than a chilling murder.

The great things about friends such as Deb and Vicki is that I never have to write alone. I know I can always call one of my trusted writerly friends to brainstorm, or giggle, or complain, or get a much-needed pep talk.

I am so lucky to have a great group of friends who also write. We’re scattered across the country, but chatting with them is as easy as picking up the phone, sending a text, turning on Skype, and best of all, attending conferences where we can get together for all-night gab sessions.

photo 2Each friend brings something different to the table. Regan Black is my go-to girl for all things technical. She’s the youngest of the bunch, and without a doubt the prettiest. Check out that gorgeous grin and long dark hair!

Vicki and Deb are plotters extraordinaire and probably the most out-spoken in the group.  Kathy Carmichael is a tiny, quiet marketing dynamo. She and Vicki are also powerful prayer warriors. I love that. I love that the dynamic women in this group care as much about each other’s personal lives as we do about each other’s career.

Rita Herron and the camera shy VR Marks couldn’t be in the picture, but are equally supportive, the kind of friends you can’t do without.

Also, not in the picture is another long-time author/friend, Donna Fletcher, who lives in New Jersey and had to go through Hurricane Sandy. A lively red-head with a heart of gold, she’s staunch, loyal and wonderful and writes terrific historical romance. No matter how infrequently we see each other, we pick right up where we left off.

Then there are Cindy Gerard, CJ Lyons, Robert Gregory Brown…oh, I could go on forever about great friends. Now you know why my recurring theme is the courage and resilience of women! (And a few good men, Rob and VR!) That theme is HUGE in The Oleander Sisters. It’s there in The Sweetest Hallelujah, and you’ll see it again this fall in The Language of Silence (written as Peggy Webb for Simon & Schuster, available for preorder now. For details, see my other website,

GroupTo celebrate my latest book and the blessings of friendship, I’m giving away The Oleander Sisters in audio book form! Comment to win. Check back next Monday when I announce the winner. This is the only place where I’ll make the announcement.

Winners of last week’s blog giveaway are Cat and Rachel. Congratulations! Contact me on this site and give me the email address you use to purchase online books so I can send your bookstore gift card. Also, let me know if you want Amazon or B&N.

See you next Monday. Until then, hug a friend!


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  3. Joye says:

    Enjoyed reading the article. There are so many books I want to read and so little time. Audiobooks helps get that accomplished

    • Elaine Hussey says:

      Joye, you are so right about audio books! Fans who have heard The Oleander Sisters tell me it’s really great and read with an authentic Southern voice. Even if you already have a digital copy or a trade paperback, its nice to hear how the book sounds. Almost like going to see a stage play, closing your eyes and relaxing while the characters lead you through the story.

  4. Really enjoyed this article – it’s so nice to have great friends and I love audio books.

    • Robin, thanks for stopping by. I’m so glad you enjoyed the blog post. My FB post this morning was a nod to true friends. I am blessed to have that kind of love and loyalty from a large group of wonderful people.

      I only listed my writer friends in this post, and that leaves out an array of friendships, including one with my webmaster. Roy Turner is under strict instructions to outlive me! I couldn’t do without his loyalty or his techinical expertise.

  5. Great Article !Happy Monday !

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